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I no longer see the option for "Brand Templates" that appears in this constant contact tutorial below. I used the Brand Templates previously to create an email campaign that pulled branding directly from my website.  


Constant Contact YouTube Video - ScreenshotConstant Contact YouTube Video - Screenshot


Is there a new location for "Brand Templates"?  Here is a screenshot of what I currently see when I navigate to the same place as directed in the video tutorial: Campaigns > Create > Email. 

New Templates Page.png


Any help is appreciated!



Hello @NjeriS ,


The "Brand Templates" option is not an available option anymore since it was particularly tied in with the retiring / phasing out 3rd-Generation Editor (3GE). The Cross Platform/Device Editor (CPE) has additional design elements to better brand your template from the start. This also includes setting up your own template for regular reusability as a master template, so you can copy directly from this source each time.


For additional resources on designing emails:

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