Browser Identification - Just started today


Browser Identification - Just started today

So I have Firefox 56.0.2 (64 bit) and IE 11. When I attempt to edit a draft email using Firefox, your software tells me I'm using Microsoft Edge. When I switch to IE 11, it tells me I have an older browser and to "upgrade" to IE9.


I had to use both browsers just to get my campaign out today (parts in one, parts in the other). Rendering is all borked up.


Whatever code changes you pushed in the last week have things really jacked up. I've seen other posts about your QA; please let us know when this will be fixed. I'm coming up on renewal shortly.


Hello @WillS46. I'm sorry that you're having trouble with your browsers. I know how frustrating that can be using multiple browsers. Here are a few troubleshooting tips that you could try:


  1. Try to log in using This will bring you right to the login page.
  2. Close your browser out completely and open a new browser window. Sometimes all the browser needs is a refresh in order for it to work properly.
  3. Use an incognito or private window. If you are able to access your account using an incognito or private window, then there might be an issue with a third-party plugin. Please see this article for more information on disabling plugins.

If these steps did not help please email us at social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com with the troubleshooting steps you have tried and a reference to this post.

Thank you!

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