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I am wondering if there a way to help us qualify our leads via Constant Contact. We would ideally like to send an email to our audience that would have a button along the lines of "Have a sales representative contact me". We do not need the button to have a follow up action but we do need to track who selects the button. Is this possible? 

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Hello @Ellie4191 ,


You could set up a custom landing page that serves as a simple "thank you" message for when they click, then insert that LP's share link into your email. You could also utilize RSVP blocks if you're an Email Plus customer, which will automatically redirect to a generic thank you page when clicked. From there, you can see who clicked the applicable link / RSVP block, and reach out accordingly.


If you need other info from your contacts that you don't already have, I'd advise using a lead-generation landing page (sign up form) for your link. That way the contacts will be prompted to re-enter their email address to confirm who they are, and provide the additional details you need, such as phone number, name, etc.


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