Every time I upload a Button to my campaign draft, it defaultly says "Button Text". I choose preview, confirm that the Button is working and every time it is coincidentally and automatically linked to my company's webpage. The second I change "Button Text" to anything at all, the Button is no longer clickable at all or even linked to anything. Why is this happening? I am not seeing any options where I can control the Button link.



Thanks for reaching out to us!


I took a look at your account and was not able to replicate the button in the email defaulting to your company's webpage. However, I'd be happy to explain how to edit the link and what text shows on the button. When editing an email please add the button block and then hover your mouse over that block. You'll see a small grey toolbar in the upper right hand side of the block- please click on the pencil icon. That will pull up the editing tools, and you'll want to click on the link icon, like you see here:


The window will then open that will allow for you to choose what type of link you want associated with that button, the text shown on the button, and the URL link you want associated with it, like this:



If in the future while you're editing the button link you find that it becomes unresponsive or the URL defaults to your company webpage when you're trying to change it, can you please give us call so we can troubleshoot with you when it happens? Thank you!

Natalie B.
Social Media Marketing Manager

Is there anyway to use an image on a button rather than text? or, change the social media icons? ie the "like us on facebook" icon rather than the grey F on Blue background

Hey @RodF4!


Great question. With any image you insert, you will have the option to link this image to a website. I noticed you were using our Next Generation Editor and took a screen shot of what you will see once you have inserted the image where you want it.


When you insert your image, you can then left-click once on the image to produce this bar:




When you add the website you want the image to go to, just select Done & Save your work!


Please let us know if you have any other questions. 

Amber Royal
Community & Social Media Support

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