Buttons aren't working in survey creation

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Buttons aren't working in survey creation

I have now used two different browsers (firefox and explorer) and if I copy a question, it won't let me save the duplicate after editing. In addition, adding text sections when using Explorer gets sticky, meaning I would start typing, the screen would flash, the cursor would move to the second line and I would no longer be able to edit or delete the first line of text, so I would have to refresh and delete the whole block.

Hi @ChenineP


I'm sorry to hear this was happening when you were editing your Survey. I attempted to re-create the issues you described, but was unable to. When you were copying the question and the duplicate wouldn't save did you receive any specific error messaging, or was the save button greyed out or unresponsive? In reviewing your account I see that your Survey was made live on 11/13. Were you able to edit and save successfully by using a different, third browser or by using Firefox or IE in safe/incognito mode? Which versions of those browsers were you initially using?


I appreciate any and all details you can provide so that we can look into this further. Thank you!

Natalie B.
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