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To  Whom this May Concern:


I write to inform and inquire regarding the uploading of high quality individual images and compositions.  I could not upload my quality images - in that you cite the file sizes are too large.  Additionally - we had created a composition for a property - in PDF format - (3) three pages in length.  When I uploaded the document - it was cut down to one page, the fonts were changed from Candara to Helvetica or similar to Helvetica - and all the  images including the text is fuzzy. 


I need to upload - the entire document - three pages in length, maintain the integrity of the content - text style - and have clear resolution. 


In regards to the photos - I need to be able to use and send them in emails - at a high resolution. 


Who can advise on this?


John Dodovich 


Hello @JohnD49659 ,


Your documents are always uploaded in full, however our system only ever generates an image of the first page automatically to be used as a cover image in the email. To generate images of all the pages for insertion into your emails, you'll need to use another website or the program you built the PDF in to make the conversion. Only images can be displayed in emails, PDFs and similar document-type files can only be linked to. Regarding the changed fonts, you may want to look at compressing the PDFs to see if that resolves any problematic or erroneous metadata in them. However, please keep in mind that you don't want to have your email entirely images, as those kinds of emails are treated much harsher by spam filters.


You can also host your document in a different cloud service to link to, if they allow larger files to be uploaded.


You may wish to look into compressing your images a bit, to see if any extraneous background metadata can be removed while preserving the quality of the image.


For more info on uploading documents and images

William D
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