I dont understand why Constant Contact CONSTANTLY delete line spaces in my emails! If I press enter inbetween two paragraphs it is because I want it there. CC simply deletes the extra lines over and over no matter how many times I replace the spaces and try to save it. I log in, log out, log in, log out - just to try to reset it, BUT NOTHING!!!!! This is a constant issue and NEVER corrected!!!!! It makes the emails look sloppy even though I am designing them differently that what your system is insisting they look like! Isnt that the whole purpose of this program?! To let the companies design their own emails. Can SOMEONE please correct this INTERNAL problem and quickly!


ALSO, everytime i log in i am being notified of a BIG CHANGE but nothing has updated or changed.




Hello @JenniferG9410,


I am very sorry for the issues you are experiencing. It is certainly not what we want from your Constant Contact experience.


I reviewed your account and I do see you reached out to our Chat support and the agent was able to resolve the issue for you. It appeared to be an issue with the browser interfering with the site.


Another tool to utilize if you experience something like this in the future is if you hold "Shift" while hitting "Enter" after a paragraph, it creates a "hard" line change and I have seen it resolve issues similar to what you described. 


As for the "big change" you mention it is in relation to an interface change to the site that we have been rolling out to customers over the last several months. Your account will be upgraded soon and I apologize if the message has been popping up for awhile. We just want to make sure the transition happens smoothly and that there's no surprise when it happens.

Nick S.
Social Media & Content Manager

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