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Campaigns do not show up anymore--site unusable.

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Campaigns do not show up anymore--site unusable.

Our professional IT staff tried 4 different browsers and used your troubleshooting guide. Your site is broken. Please fix it!

Hello @SarahT8 ,


So you tried every connectivity troubleshooting step I provided in the previous post? Have you also tested accessing our site off your VPN and/or with your security program turned off (per the notes in your call case from a couple weeks ago)? We've received no other recent reports of issues accessing the site that have gone beyond a customer needing to do a simple cache clear or router reset. 


If so, then we'll need to know your ISP, as well as have a screenshot of your internet speed test from fast.com, including the More Info section. Generally, if your upload latency exceeds 100ms (the next most common connectivity issue beyond caching errors), then that will start to cause issues with accessing and using certain aspects of our site, especially the email editor.


If you've tested all the connectivity troubleshooting in that previous post, and if you can provide your ISP and the screenshot of the speed test, then we can reach out to our higher level technical team to see what additional insight they have. 

William D
Community & Social Media Support

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