Campaigns going to junk email

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Campaigns going to junk email

It appears our campaigns are going to junk email. We are working on a government contract and using the program to manage participants in a non-profit organization (mostly first responders). How can I prevent our emails from going to their junk folders. There is no way we can contact each and every person and ask them to make us a trusted sender. And if we can't resolve this issue, can we cancel our account and receive a refund? This is virtually uselss to us if our group is not receiving our emails...


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Re: Campaigns going to junk email

Hello @JessicaC335


Thank you for posting to the Community. Deliverability and getting your emails into your recipients inboxes is one of our top priorities. There are a few things that can trigger an email to go to a Junk or Spam folder. For example, the subject line, ratio of images to text, content of the email, sometimes even the colors in images can cause an issue. 


To help you narrow down what may be causing the problem, I would recommend reaching out to our delivery team as they are the experts for these types of questions. Here is the information on where they can be reached


If you would prefer to do testing yourself, you can always do that as well. Here are some steps on testing if you choose to go that route: 

  • Create a copy of your campaign.
  • Delete one content block at a time and send a test to yourself/a contact who can help.
  • Keep repeating deleting one block at a time. Once the email goes through, it will tell you that the content you just deleted was causing the issue. You can then try editing different wording/images in that block to narrow it down even further.