Can CC automacatly sort NEW contacts into a list based on company name?

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Can CC automacatly sort NEW contacts into a list based on company name?



Customers from our CRM get imported in Constant Concontat (I sync 1x per month). Instead of going back and sorting 700+ contacts into the correct list, can this process be automated? 


For Example: 


If I import in 2 contacts with the company name 'XYZ' and there is already a contact at that company in 'List #1' then I want the 2 NEW contacts from 'XYZ' Company to automatically  assigned to 'List 1'.





Hello @WadeE1,


Great question. I can understand how useful this would be to automate the process and save you some time. Constant Contact does not have the ability to sort contacts into lists by their company name. When it comes to a regular import (such as via a spreadsheet), you choose a list for the contacts to go into. Which contacts go into which lists would have to be decided in the spreadsheet ahead of time. For example, if you have 100 contacts on a spreadsheet and you want 50 to go into List 1 and 50 to go into List 2, they would need to be split into two spreadsheets and imported separately.


There are a lot of CRMs that work with Constant Contact and it's possible the integration you use to synch your customers with our site might have a feature that designates certain companies to certain lists, which then get imported into Constant Contact. But it would not be something we could accomplish on the Constant Contact side of things.


It's certainly great feedback for us. I have noted it as a request in your account so it can be reviewed by our developers. 

Nick S.
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