Can I embed an Instagram story into a newsletter?

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How do I embed and IG story into a newsletter?


Hello @SallyL7 ,


At this time, there isn't really a way to embed an Instagram story as it normally would be into emails, nor anything like a live feed. With that said, depending on what you're wanting it to visually look like, you may be able to accomplish something similar.


If the story is just static images, you can just insert those like any other images directly into your email, after downloading them as an accepted file type from Instagram.


If you've downloaded your story as a singular video, which would run like a slideshow, you may be able to convert that into a gif, and embed that into your email. Make sure it's not over 5 MB, otherwise you won't be able to upload it into the Library. There are some programs online or possibly on your device that are capable of converting videos into gifs.


Otherwise, it's generally just better to send your contacts to your social page to view the story. If you're wanting previous stories to be saved for later viewing, Instagram provides that via Story Highlights.

William A
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