Can Someone please help with this problem...This is a transcript with constant contact and is crazy


Can Someone please help with this problem...This is a transcript with constant contact and is crazy

Erika Z (1/16/2018, 9:58:15 AM): Welcome to Constant Contact support. My name is Erika. One moment while I review your request.
Erika Z (1/16/2018, 9:59:12 AM): Hello Simon!
Erika Z (1/16/2018, 9:59:30 AM): I am happy to assist with this today!
Me (1/16/2018, 10:00:07 AM): There is an issue with the automation
Erika Z (1/16/2018, 10:00:52 AM): If the contact was not in the existing list tied to the Autoresponder Series, then it will trigger the emails to send. However, if the contact was existing in that list already, it would not trigger the email to send.
Me (1/16/2018, 10:00:59 AM): y
Me (1/16/2018, 10:01:00 AM): ?
Me (1/16/2018, 10:01:40 AM): wait
Erika Z (1/16/2018, 10:01:51 AM): What triggers the email(s) to send is the action of the contact being added to the list. If they are already within the list, it is not recognized as a new contact within that list.
Erika Z (1/16/2018, 10:02:06 AM): We can definitely take a look and see what may be going on here. Do you have an example of a contact this happened with?
Me (1/16/2018, 10:02:47 AM): ok... here is the issue i am explaining it again... I have created a list teachers training 2018 and I have created an automation to send an email when a new contact is added to this list
Erika Z (1/16/2018, 10:03:11 AM): Yes, that makes sense.
Me (1/16/2018, 10:03:17 AM): issue : I signed up as  and I received the automation email
Me (1/16/2018, 10:03:35 AM): however when I signed up as , I did not receive the automation emaiol
Me (1/16/2018, 10:04:06 AM): the only difference I can find between these two email address is that does not exist in any other list other than teachers training 2018
Me (1/16/2018, 10:04:23 AM): and  exist in 15 other lists
Erika Z (1/16/2018, 10:04:59 AM): It shouldn't matter if they are in other lists, it would only matter if they were already in the list that is tied to the Autoresponder.
Erika Z (1/16/2018, 10:05:14 AM): One thing we could try is to remove the affected contacts, and then add them back into the list.
Me (1/16/2018, 10:05:27 AM): i know it should not matter but your system is behaving differently
Me (1/16/2018, 10:05:31 AM): thats y I am talking to you
Me (1/16/2018, 10:05:39 AM): ok let me try that
Me (1/16/2018, 10:05:56 AM): you mean remove affected contacts from teachers training 2018 list right?
Erika Z (1/16/2018, 10:07:00 AM): Sounds good! Yes, the affected contacts will need to be removed from the Teachers Training 2018 list, and then added back. You can do this by checking the box next to the contact, and then using the 'Manage List' function.
Me (1/16/2018, 10:07:34 AM): ok
Me (1/16/2018, 10:07:39 AM): please be with me let me give that a go
Erika Z (1/16/2018, 10:07:47 AM): Absolutely!
Me (1/16/2018, 10:08:38 AM): i have removed them from the list
Me (1/16/2018, 10:08:52 AM): now I am going to add one of contacts - 
Me (1/16/2018, 10:09:13 AM): via the landing page
Erika Z (1/16/2018, 10:10:08 AM): Okay, I do see the contact added back in.
Me (1/16/2018, 10:10:13 AM): i can see that contact in teachers training 2018
Me (1/16/2018, 10:10:17 AM): now I am going to check the automation
Erika Z (1/16/2018, 10:10:30 AM): Now, let's see if it will queue for the Autoresponder. This can take a few minutes, I will stay with you.
Me (1/16/2018, 10:10:36 AM): ok
Erika Z (1/16/2018, 10:11:43 AM): Great!
Me (1/16/2018, 10:12:07 AM): nothing yet
Erika Z (1/16/2018, 10:12:41 AM): I am taking a look at the details, one moment please.
Me (1/16/2018, 10:12:46 AM): ok
Erika Z (1/16/2018, 10:13:06 AM): Thank you!
Erika Z (1/16/2018, 10:16:15 AM): Okay, it was just taking a few minutes. I do see the email queued to send now.
Me (1/16/2018, 10:16:21 AM): what was the issue?
Me (1/16/2018, 10:16:31 AM): i am going sign up another email address now
Erika Z (1/16/2018, 10:17:38 AM): I don't see anything that would be causing an issue at this point. Sure, let's test another one.
Me (1/16/2018, 10:17:48 AM): i did add another one
Me (1/16/2018, 10:17:53 AM): waiting for it appear in the queue
Erika Z (1/16/2018, 10:18:04 AM): Okay, great!
Me (1/16/2018, 10:18:24 AM): nope cant see anything yet
Me (1/16/2018, 10:18:34 AM): usually it appears within 10-15 seconds
Me (1/16/2018, 10:19:34 AM): nothing yet
Erika Z (1/16/2018, 10:19:49 AM): I am going to have our upper-level technical team take a look at this. I will check back with you shortly.
Me (1/16/2018, 10:20:01 AM): will you email the update to me?
Me (1/16/2018, 10:20:06 AM): I can't wait here for hours
Me (1/16/2018, 10:20:20 AM): this is business critical issue
Erika Z (1/16/2018, 10:21:04 AM): I will have to have you online with me. It will only be a few minutes as they take a look, and if further investigation is needed, they will take a case for it. One moment please.
Me (1/16/2018, 10:21:25 AM): ok
Erika Z (1/16/2018, 10:21:34 AM): Thank you!
Me (1/16/2018, 10:25:37 AM): brb in 2 mins
Me (1/16/2018, 10:25:57 AM): please make sure this chat does not end ... coz it seems to be timing out after 5 mins on non activity
Erika Z (1/16/2018, 10:28:18 AM): Sure!
Me (1/16/2018, 10:28:53 AM): any update?
Erika Z (1/16/2018, 10:29:02 AM): Okay, so my technical team has found that this can happen occasionally due to the API connections.
Me (1/16/2018, 10:29:32 AM): but y its not happening for emails that they do not exist in your system?
Erika Z (1/16/2018, 10:29:36 AM): What they have said is there is likely an options that needs to be selected to allow for Automatic Emails to be sent.
Me (1/16/2018, 10:29:52 AM): again I am sure what you are saying here
Me (1/16/2018, 10:30:00 AM): please give me a solution to my problem
Erika Z (1/16/2018, 10:31:13 AM): This is what they have seen happen previously, and with the API's this is unfortunately outside of our Support level. I truly apologize. There may be a setting that you can update within the API set up, however we don't know the steps to do that. You can also reach out to our API team at  to get assistance with this issue.
Me (1/16/2018, 10:32:01 AM): so I can;t run my business coz your system is buggy and you refuse to provide support ... where do I go from here now?
Me (1/16/2018, 10:32:16 AM): there are no settings
Me (1/16/2018, 10:32:31 AM): you have my account right in front of you ...if there were any settings you should be able to tell me now
Me (1/16/2018, 10:32:35 AM): this is absurd
Erika Z (1/16/2018, 10:33:49 AM): The only other option, to trigger the contacts instantly, would be to add the contacts to the list directly within Constant Contact. There is something that we are not able to support within the API, I truly wish I could. If the contacts are added within Constant Contact, they will trigger to send immediately.
Me (1/16/2018, 10:34:24 AM): seriously.... you are asking me to manually add contacts.... hopeless


Hi @MandyS76


I am sorry your autoresponder is not being triggered to your contacts as it should! This is something our engineers are currently looking into. As the previous rep mentioned, your contacts are being added by a third-party plugin. Because of this, this API would require further troubleshooting by either the company that provides this plug-in or our API team. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. However I took a peek at your account and can see this experience has been tracked. I can also see a member of our upper-level support team has reached out to further help with your autoresponder. Please keep an eye out for emails from this team.

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