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Can legacy survey remain?

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Can legacy survey remain?

I have talked to a CSR recently, and they confirmed that legacy survey will leave on June 30 2021. We need to use the full functionality of the legacy survey beyond that date. I have seen that many people on this forum are asking CC to keep the legacy. The response usually is "I will give your feedback to the appropriate people" The new one has had some improvements, but it still does not have full functionality. Rating more than one item is still missing. Adding a comment box or "other" after a multiple choice list is still gone. Also there is no way to insert page breaks. And some have mentioned skip logic and reporting is not there or not as good.  Since it has been requested multiple times, can you please inform if there is any chance of keeping the legacy? Or, if the new survey will be adjusted to give it the equal functionality? Thank you for your consideration


Hi @SandeeW2 you are correct, at this time not every feature from our Legacy Survey campaigns has been carried over to our updated Survey campaign. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause! We are however always open to ways we can better our users experience. In fact as you mentioned some of these features are feature requests we are tracking feedback on. The good news is the option to rank answers either in order or on a scale is now available. 


As for comment blocks, inserting page breaks, and having skip logic these are all ideas we have tracked this request in your account we also recommend commenting or voting on their respective Feedback threads as well. The more requests and votes a feedback thread receives the higher of a priority it can be given by our Product Team.

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