Can not edit event nor add paypal

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Can not edit event, add paypal or do anything with events at all. It is stuck. This is several events including new ones. In addition, previously, it would not connect properly with paypay. Went on several different computers, etc. It is not browser. Just paid for Email Plus. If CC is that difficult from the start, no point having the plus. 

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Hello @MelindaW22 ,


It looks like you already reached out to our chat support about this, but for visibility's sake, I'll include what's occurring here.


The issue stems from a sub-user in the past connecting a PayPal account for event payment processing to your Constant Contact account. With some of PayPal's updated requirements, this has translated into the errors and issues you're experiencing when creating new / copying old events. In this circumstance, our higher level technical team would need to work with the devs to break the connection between the accounts. Once that is accomplished, the CTCT account owner can go in and setup the PayPal connection for their event payments.

William A
Community & Social Media Support