Can't connect to our FB or Insta page


Can't connect to our FB or Insta page

Hi there,


I'm an admin on our FB page, and I can't seem to connect CC to it - it only give me the option to connect to my personal FB page. I do know that the individual in our organization who originally started our FB page could connect, but she's having major surgery today and may not be able to help us with that for several weeks. That will affect our Giving Tuesday campaigning. HELP!


Hello @OurPathInc. ,


Sorry to hear you're having problems connecting your Facebook page. Is your personal Facebook account the one that is associated with admin privileges for the company Facebook page? Do you know if your role for the page is admin or a different permission level?


Are these the steps that you were following? It's worth noting that you will have to begin the process by logging in with your personal account credentials first, and then it should show all of the pages you are admin of after that.