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I was just on hold waiting for the social media department to pick up the phone when I was hung up on. I am the campaign creator on an account for our synagogue. Ever since you made some changes to Constant Contact we have been unable to connect our account with Facebook and have to manually copy and past the newsletter link I create into Facebook. The administrator on our account is , he also has had the same problem. When we attempt to connect to Facebook the only option we are given is our own personal Facebook pages and not the congregational page that is set up in Facebook. I have been doing it manually for over 2 years, and it would just be nice to do a one click and have it done, instead of copying and pasting the link into an email, saving it until the newsletter is published then remembering to add it to our Facebook page when it is published. Pain in the hind end!


Hello @LarryR0308 ,


I'd advise not posting a ton of personal identifying info on a public forum, as a general internet safety best practice.


Regarding the social media issue you're describing, I'd advise starting with our article on connecting social pages:

  1. You need to make sure the page you're connecting is a business page to meet Meta's API requirements, otherwise we cannot connect to it.
  2. Once you've confirmed you're an admin of this business page, you will then want to check and make sure to remove any permissions our system might've had with it previously, to make sure the API connection is wholly refreshed.
  3. Following that, you should be able to login to your Facebook account when setting up the connection within your Constant Contact account, and see the business page as an available option.

If you continue to have issues, it may be in your best interest to reach out to Facebook's support. They'd have the best insight to identify anything that would be preventing your page from connecting with 3rd party applications, in this case our system.

William A
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