Can't delete a Section Divider Anymore


Can't delete a Section Divider Anymore

Hey everyone, I mistakenly put some section dividers in my weekly newsletter and when I go to delete the block, "delete this block" pops up when I move my cursor over the tiny right hand X, but it won't delete. Also the little pencil icon is gone from the little editor field on the section dividers. No problem with my other blocks. I even copied the email, gave it a new name but the section dividers will not go away. Any suggestions would be great!
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Re: Can't delete a Section Divider Anymore

Hi @SethC26


I'm sorry to hear that you were having difficulty with deleting some section divider blocks in your campaign. I went ahead into your account and made a copy of your email and I was able to delete some. I am using Chrome as my browser. Which browser are you using? Could you try using another browser or using your browser in SafeMode/Incognito?


I named the email CTCTCopy if you'd like to take a look at it.


Thanks in advance!

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