Can´t quit the block social media


Can´t quit the block social media

Can´t quit the block social media or/and configure the bottoms facebook linkedin.....

Creating a campain I accidently added some "social media"-blocks. They cannot be selected or deleted.

Hello @WernerM1 , 


In order to delete the Social Media block, you will want to edit the campaign, please note, if you have already sent the campaign you can copy to edit a new version.  Once you are editing the campaign, scroll to the section where the Social Media block was added.  If you hover your mouse over the Social Media block, you will see a toolbar for the block in the top right corner.  You can click on the "X" to delete the block.  There will be a pop-up asking if you are sure you want to delete the block, you can hit ok.  Make sure to them scroll to the top of the campaign to click the "Save" button to save this change.  



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I'm having the same problem. There is no block to delete when editing but the block shows up in the preview.

Hi @BrendaC


I'm happy to help you. In order to keep the contents of your account private, I'm going to send you an email to your email address on file with us here at Constant Contact so that I can take a look at your email that is showing the social media block that you are unable to delete.


Thanks in advance! 



I am sorry to hear this is happening. What is the name of the email you are working in so I can take a look?


Also, what browser and version are you working in when you are unable to close the block? Thanks for your help!

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