Can't recover an old email I'm looking to open


Can't recover an old email I'm looking to open

I'm looking to duplicate and older email, but when I click on it, it says it's not available to look at and when I try to duplicate it, it says my name has 'bad characters' or something to that effect, but the name I'm trying to give it only has letters so something appears broken?

Hello @SmaKPlastics ,


Copying older campaigns can depend on how far back in time since the original campaign was created, if the email that you are trying to copy was created using our older 2nd Generation editor; that version won’t copy anymore unfortunately. It would have to be recreated within the newer editor. If it is one of our newer 3rd Generation campaigns, you should be able to make further copies of that email.

To identify which editor that email was created from when looking at your campaigns tab the line underneath the campaign name itself it will say ‘email’ or ‘legacy email’. If it shows ‘email’ it should be eligible to copy. If that is the case, is the title you are trying to use for the new campaign one you typed in directly or are you copy and pasting the campaign name from somewhere else? If it’s being copied over try typing it directly within the campaign name field.


John M
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