Can you have a multi-page email campaign?

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Can you have a multi-page email campaign?

Hi guys!

I need to know whether or not Constant Contact's email campaign creating platform allows you to save multi-pages under one single campaign? If so, how is this done? Or, do I have to copy my "Welcome Newsletter" email page for each new consecutive newsletter to follow in a sequence (i.e.,a series of 4 emails that pertain to the same product or feature item)?


I hope I'm clear about this. For example, I want to send out a series of 4 email newsletters beginning with the Welcome Newsletter to a list. The Welcome Newsletter will automatically be sent whenever a contact signs up for it on my website or from a Social Media channel, etc. After the Welcome Newsletter is sent, I will want to have the system automatically send the 2nd Newsletter email in the series two days after the Welcome Newsletter, and then 2 days later, the system will send the 3rd, and so on.


Does this make sense? If Constant Contact "Create Email" platform can do this, how is this done?


Thank you.


Hi @KoryMW


Thanks for your questions! I had to move your post to the appropriate board so that it can be easily found by others who may have the same question.


What you want to do is to use our Autoresponder series. Follow the steps below on how to create these so that they can be sent to your appropriate lists.


First you want to click on Campaigns
tk campaigns.jpg


Then click on Create

tk create button.png


Next choose Automate Your Emails


Automate Your Emails.png


Under Autoresponder Series click Create


Autoresponder Series Create.png


Next follow the prompts for setting up your series.


*Please note that if you have more than one signup form used (under Contacts - SignUp Tools) you can set each Signup Form to go to a different Autoresponder Series but they would all have the same Welcome Email. With the Autoresponders, you can set the first one to send immediately but you would want to turn off the Welcome Email.


You can turn that off by going to My Account > My Settings > Welcome Email Settings Off.


My Settings Toolkit.jpg    welcome email settings.png


Try the above out and let us know if you have any questions!

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Thank you, Marissa!


I followed your instructions and created that autoresponder campaign.


I'm a little confused however, about creating a new discussion string in this Community help forum. This is why I added my request for help to the other board. Can you help me out with this?


How do I start a new discussion by placing a post?


Thank you.




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Hi @KoryMW


You're welcome! I'm happy to show you how you can start a new thread!


  • First, you want to click on where it says Using Toolkit up above this thread.


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  • Then choose the board that you want to post in by clicking on the name of it:


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  • Once you are in the board, you can type in what you're looking for in the Search box and click Search. If you don't find a thread already regarding it, then click the New Message button.


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Then you'll be good to go!  Hope that helps!