Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) - separate lists for promotions

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I am confused. Do I need to maintain two lists, one of the information I provide that adds content and value and another for promotions? That is how I read the legislation, but feel that the maintenance is highly problematic.
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Hello @PattiD97 ,


I'd advise going through this article on Implied and Expressed Permission types in regards to CASL and other anti-spam legislation. The article also links to others that go over how best to go about addressing contact permissions, setting up lists, creating applicable sign up forms, and more from within your account.


As a general best practice, you'd want to have your contacts in lists that make sense for why they signed up with you. If you know a contact wants to receive promotional / marketing material, then they should be in a list you've created for those mailings. If they want / need to be in an email that has pertinent info, they should be in that list. 

William A
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