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Cannot insert a graphic on Sign-up Forms, Lead Generation Landing Page


Cannot insert a graphic on Sign-up Forms, Lead Generation Landing Page

Under Sign-up Forms, the new Lead Generation Landing Page, under Content, I tried (many times):

  • click Choose Logo link
  • the Image Library dialog box pops up
  • I choose a picture (a logo)
  • click <Insert>

Nothing happens!

(I'm using Chrome, any suggestions?)

Matt Perelstein
CEO, Co-founder
EQ4Peace Worldwide, Inc. - USA

Hi @MattP9534 ,


Thanks for taking the time to detail the steps you were taking and your browser - that was really helpful.


This is interesting, I was able to get it to work also in Chrome, but I ran through it a few times and during one of the times I ran into the same problem you described. I haven't been able to get it to happen again though. When inserting you're in the image library you have the option to either hover over the image you want and click Insert, or you can click on the thumbnail of the image which opens a different view that also has an insert button in the bottom right corner. Do you remember which way you tried, hover over or click? If you can still get it to happen, can you close the insert image window and try it again the other way to see if that works? 


I'll keep testing to see if there is something I can consistently reproduce to get reported.


Thank you!

Hello Kyle, 

I'm using Chrome and can't insert any images in landing pages OR attach my document upload.



Thank you,