Cannot insert birthday field into coupon

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Cannot insert birthday field into coupon

We have created a digital birthday club coupon for a busy restaurant. They require the birthdate to be printed in the coupon, so the coupon is good during the birthday month. The "birthday" field, which triggers the autoresponder, is not available as an field to insert into the coupon in "Happy Birthday Template". I was advised to create a custom field, but then there will need to be manual data entry into this new field, and will require manual intervention on every record. The birthday field exists in the database, and we just need to find a way to insert that field into the coupon. Thank you!

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Huge oversight.


That really should be fixed.



Thank you for mentioning this. Unfortunately, at this time this is not a feature that we have. This is a newly released feature and we are always looking for ways to improve upon it. Please submit your Feedback in our Feedback area.

Someone at CC should streamline that feedback directly to development and the product manager.

Its such a no brainer and perfect match for the template its not funny.



Absolutely @Clique_Marketing! That's what our Feedback Area is for. We bring all that information to the appropriate parties. So make sure you stop by, search, post, and vote on Ideas in there!

Just for additional feedback, to accomplish what the client needs, we now have to go in every month and change the month in which the coupon is valid.  This negates the benefit of the autoresponder doing all the work for us, and would be a simple technical adjustment in the system.  Please consider expediting development on this?  

Thanks @MichaelM7449


Please click the link I gave above to submit your Feedback to our Feedback Area so that others may vote on it and the appropriate teams will see it.


Thanks in advance!

They don't get it MichaelM7449    

@MichaelM7449 and @Clique_Marketing


We hear you loud and clear.  We should allow you to insert the contact's Birthday (or Anniversary) into your birthday coupon.  We'll make this available in an upcoming release.


What are your thoughts on dynamic coupon expiration dates?  What if you were able to control the expiration date based on when the Birthday email is sent?  Example:  Mailing Date + "2 Weeks".  If the mailing were sent out out today 6/24/2015, the expiration date on the coupon would show "7/8/2015".  Interested to hear if you would find this more or less valuable than showing the contact's birthday.


Love the feedback!  Please keep it coming.


- Paul Spitzer

Product Manager, Automation

Paul Spitzer
Product Manager

That is great news, Paul!  I think an expiration date makes sense.  Having the ability to insert their birthday and control an expire date gives the customer messaging chocies/flexibility.  Thank you!


We hear you loud and clear.  We should allow you to insert the contact's Birthday (or Anniversary) into your birthday coupon.  We'll make this available in an upcoming release.


This was about 6 months ago.   Got a realistic update? 

7 months.   

The simpliest workaround for the moment would be to change the thinking of the way you present information.


For now, I'd just use a phrase like the following to allow the dynamic and personalized feel of the communication without a complex (= ripe for problems!) system...


"Coupon is valid for 10 days following your birthday."

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Following this tread also - please update status on being able to enter the birthday field into a coupon/template.

Thank you

Haven't seen it or heard back from 


- Paul Spitzer

Product Manager, Automation


in over 6 months, don't hold you breath.  Some things take years around here.