Capacity of tickets sold

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Re: Event Registration - configuring registration layout

But they get 2 free tickets and then have to pay for additional tickets after that.  So it's:

Registrant + 1 Guest = Free

Additional Guests = $100.00 each

CTCT Employee

Re: Event Registration - configuring registration layout

Hello @ShannonL645


In order to get a second "free" ticket you can add an additional fee for guests that is $0.00.  Keep in mind though that there is no way to limit someone to only choosing 1 of these.  So if, for example, I am registering with 2 guests, I could potentially add in both guests as free.  


The only other option, seems like it might be what you had set up before with having 1 registrant & allow 1 free guests, then use the Items for Sale for people to add additional guests to the event.  

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