Centering items in block/custom padding.

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Centering items in block/custom padding.

Is there a way to edit this padding and simply center this text within this block? It seems like it should be a really simple thing to do. I am new to CC after using a more robust service for a few years, so I'm still trying to find options... but this one is driving me a little crazy.



Then I can't seem to do a soft line break in the editor on a numbered list, so that I can have a line break, but not a new number. In most editors you just hit shift+return. It doesn't seem to work here.


Hello @JenniferH76 ,


We apologize, the padding for that section can't really be edited, nor can line spacing for bulleted and numbered lists. I'll make sure to track your feedback for the engineers. 


If you'd like more control over these detailing elements, and you know how to HTML code, you may want to look into using our custom code editor.

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I'm very familiar in coding full HTML emails. I often take emails from services and convert them to more trimmed down, generic HTML files that others can upload into the body of emails into the services they use. However for this particular one, it is going to be be an ongoing campaign with a template to be used over and over, with different partners, so I was hoping to rebuild it into your builder so it can be more easily updated and that the person I'm providing them to can make small edits and updates as they would need to, rather than having to resend the HTML over and over and over again.

It seems that this isn't a very viable option though, as your builder seems very limited.

These seem like very simple things that should be available. As well as an HTML content block. I don't think I've ever used a builder that doesn't have these things, and I've used a lot of them.