Change Picture Frame Window Collapsed


Change Picture Frame Window Collapsed

Have had this problem a while now: Open the change photo function, change the photo, border is gone (per usual), try to apply new frame / border, the image edit window opens in collapsed state, cannot navigate functions, cannot expand, not able to apply border / frame, or anything else. Same result in Chrome and Explorer. (Not a 'clear cache' issue.)


Also, while I'm at it, system often is slow to load or non-loading with typical email edit and save functions, inability to save, loss of work (waste of time) when I 'Continue' to address and schedule fields. These, too, have been long reoccurring issues (at least a year) on different computers and with both Chrome and Explorer.


Hello @MREC ,


Since I'm not able to recreate the issue when working in your account, this is still indicating a connectivity issue to me - especially the collapsed / non-existent window and slowness.


I'd recommend doing a speed test and taking a look at your upload latency. If it's 100ms or above then you'll definitely be having issues in a data-intensive site like ours, and it'd likely be worth reaching out to your ISP to see what your options are for getting that latency down.


You may also want to check and see if you have any plugins / extensions across both browsers that can be disabled, if resetting your internet router improves your latency and access to the site, or if adding our site / domains as safe to your security program or pop-up/ad blocker alleviates the issue.

William D
Community & Social Media Support

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