Change the Time Out Feature!!

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Change the Time Out Feature!!

I am CONSTANTLY (pun intended!) having to sign back in multiple times a day as CC is logging me out after just a short time frame. I need to be able to have access! Can you please allow for someone to say logged in until they log out or to choose the length of time until it times out at least!! I can be actively working on a project and it will log me out and I lose everything I have completed. The 'Are you still working' pops up when I am in the middle of building an email and I have not been idle more than a minute, OR worse it does it even when I am in the middle of typing!! Often I am forced to log back in at least 15 times a day! This is my biggest hardship with this platform!! Please Fix This!! Or if anyone knows how to fix this let me know!! Thanks!!


Hello @FirstNameL914188 ,


Unless you're going 30+ min of absolutely no activity in the account, you shouldn't even be seeing the messaging. If you're seeing it while actively working in the account, or in much smaller increments, it means there's likely a connectivity error occurring. These types of errors are most commonly caused by incompatible browser extensions, or weird interference from VPN or other security software. Please follow the troubleshooting steps in the linked article, and please call in so our agents can see and troubleshoot the issue as it's happening live if it continues to occur.

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