Changing the language on a sign up form

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We're a bilingual organisation and need to provide emails in two languages, Welsh and English. We have two separate lists for our English and Welsh newsletters. We cannot create a sign up form that's completely in Welsh, only English - how do we customise all language on the sign up form (not just the title and the sub-heading) to make sure that we're compliant? We were previously able to adapt the HTML of the sign up form embed to put the translation in ourselves, but we're no longer able to for new forms.
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Hello @rachell32,


We do fully translate the forms if you first set the language setting in your account to the proper language, and then create the form. Unfortunately, Welsh isn't currently offered as an account language which will still cause you to run into this issue.


You mentioned that you were previously able to adjust the language manually in the older version of the forms. You are able to still access our legacy version of the forms by going to Sign-Up Forms and choosing the Legacy landing pages tile at the bottom of the page. Does that still possibly offer a solution for you?