Click and Bounce


Click and Bounce

What is a click rate? and what would be a good click rate?....also what does it mean by bounces?


Hello @CraigD3107,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community! You're asking some great questions and I'm happy to assist you. A click rate relates to the number of times a contact has clicked on a specific URL (or link) in your email campaign. A good click rate depends on your industry. This article runs down the different business types and what their average rates are for opens, bounces, clicks, and unsubscribe rates. 


Bounces are email addresses that do not receive email you send from Constant Contact. Emails can bounce for a variety of reasons, such as the email address' inbox is full or it does not actually exist. We do not automatically remove bounces from your account because resolving why they bounced might be as easy as fixing a spelling mistake and we want to give you the opportunity to make corrections. 



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