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Using CTCT for my son's elementary school PTA newsletter. Just sent an email out to 259 contacts. List view under "campaigns" summarizes that there are 2 (1%) clicks.


When clicking on that link and driving to the campaigns click detail page, I see the top right box show me 0.8% click rate, the list show me the 4 clicks on my email, and directly above the list show "3 items". 


The data is not consistent and needs to be pulled from the same place to ensure I don't have to dive into the links page if I just want a quick update at the summary level. 


Feel free to reach out for information on the specific account, email, etc. 








Hello @Tanya_B ,


For the My Campaigns quick look stats, these will only show the nearest whole number for rates. For example, a 0.8% click rate would display as 1% on the My Campaigns page. Additionally, click rate is derived from unique clicks, so multiple clicks from a single contact will only count as one for the sake of determining the email's click rate. 


On the email's specific reporting page, for clicks you'll see the number displayed for its unique clicks, since that's what determines the email's click rate. When you click that number to view the overall click drilldown, it will display all clicks made by contacts. So while an email's overview for click rate will be 3 clicks, its drilldown may include more if those 3 unique contacts clicked on multiple links in your email.


For more info on how click rate is calculated, and how click reporting data is displayed for email reporting, make sure to check out this article



Another thing to keep in mind is that email reporting syncs will start to slow down over time, as time passes from the sendout(s) of the email. So after a week or two, the My Campaigns page and specific email's reporting overview may be slightly off from the true data. For the most up-to-date info our system for an email's specific reporting, you can either export its reporting data, or view an individual stat's drilldown page.

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