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Closing out account

Hi, we are considering closing out our Constant Contact account, and I was hoping someone could answer a couple of questions for us.


My first question is concerning the Constant Contact-hosted email links. On our website, we have a newsletter archive page with several Constant Contact-hosted email links on them. If we close out our account, would those no longer be hosted? And if not, is there any advice on how we could host them another way?


Also, if we close our account, how long does Constant Contact hang on to our data if we decided to resume our account?


Lastly, as a more general question, is there any advice/tips about things to know when closing out of Constant Contact? We want to make sure we have all of our bases covered if we decide to do so. Any help would be much appreciated.


Hello @pulaski ,


Regarding the archival widget, once your account is cancelled at the end of the billing cycle, the coding for it will cease to function. With that in mind, you'll want to make sure you remove that widget's coding from your site. Any email campaign you create (Draft or Sent) can be downloaded . If you're wanting to get a very large number (or all) of your campaigns done in one go, we'd suggest calling into our general support so they can gather those details. They can submit the request to our higher level technical team (generally a 4-business day turnaround), who will send a zip file of those campaigns in either PDF, JPG, or PNG format. Please keep in mind that they wont be able to make adjustments to the PDF for each individual campaign, for a more "natural-looking" page break between sections.


We can guarantee your data for your account will be available for at least 120 days after cancellation. After that they'll enter a queue for purging. You'll also receive an automated email a month ahead of your cancelled account being purged, sent to your account's main email address.


One possible option is to reduce / remove all your contacts and go with an account suspension, which at its lowest is $5/month. This will allow the widget and the emails' share links to continue working, as the account will still technically be active.


I'd recommend looking through our Billing FAQ and reading through this article on cancellation to make sure you have everything you need ready to go. You're also welcome to call our Billing team to see if they have any additional advice or insight to offer.

William D
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