Common Glitches


Common Glitches

I can't search my history by subject anymore. It gets stuck. Often while in the middle of typing, it just deletes the most recent lines that have been typed. It has been like this for years, When I try to update the IG or FG links, I can hi light and delete it without it crashing. I have to go to the end of the address and hold delete. Thank you.

Hello @TutuSchoolSBB ,


I'd like to be able to address these issues, so when you're able to perform the troubleshooting steps below for each issue, please let me know the results.


When I search your My Campaigns with Subject Line set as the parameter, I get results almost instantly. However, less exact subject line searches may result in a time-out or endless loading if the search terms are too vague / match too many of your campaigns overall. I'd recommend refining your campaigns searches a bit more to see if that works, or at least testing an exact subject line from one of your previous emails.


If you're still having issues, it might indicate a connectivity error being caused by a browser extension, caching error, or network security setting interference. You may also wish to call our general support line so they can provide live, 1:1 troubleshooting and screensharing.




We've seen sporadic issues with some browser versions and extension interference causing lines of text to disappear while typing. Which browser are you using, and is it 100% up-to-date? Are you seeing the error occur in other browsers, or in Incognito / Private browsing for your current one? Does disabling browser extensions / add-ons / plugins in your current browser alleviate the issue at all?




When you highlight your social links for the email buttons, does double- or triple-clicking cause the same crash? When you highlight, is your mouse remaining within the text block or do you drag off the edge of the box?

William D
Community & Social Media Support

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