Company Emails Going to Spam

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Has anyone experienced this?

You receive all Constant Contact Emails to your inbox, and then it changes and even test emails go to your junk mail.

Why does that happen and how to fix it?

This has happened more than once to the staff at our office and if that is happening to staff, what is happening to our email when it gets to our list?

Any help appreciated.

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It means there will have been changes to the way your network or organization handles incoming emails, typically as simple updates to filtering spam and other unwanted content. The main issue you're looking at is that you're sending the emails internally, meaning that your emails will be vetted more thoroughly. Since any emails you're currently sending through us would bear your address, but are not actually coming from you, this can result in delivery issues getting through those security elements.

My recommendation would be to switch your account to self-authentication to resolve this (this may require assistance from your org's IT). If you need further assistance, or would like more advanced insight and assistance, then I'd advise reaching out to our Delivery team directly.

William A
Community & Social Media Support