Comparing contacts between two lists

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Comparing contacts between two lists

Hello all,

I am wanting to select two contact lists and compare them to see how many of those total contacts appear on both lists. This is just for my own knowledge and to try to get an understanding of the response rate we are recieving. I understand that when I am sending an actual email blast out, that constant contact will de-duplicate the lists for me automatically, so no need to explain as I already understand that aspect.


Maybe I'm just overlooking something very simple. I know also that I can look at an individual persons profile and see what lists they are subscribed to, however as both lists Im wanting to compare have about 4,000 contacts, you can see how comparing each person's name individually would be counter-productive.


Is there any simple way to do this?


Thanks all!


@DougS21, I would recommend taking the bigger list of the two and making a copy of it. You can create a new list, select all the contacts on the original list, and copy them to that new list. Once copied, you can go to the second list you want to compare. Select all the contacts on this second list and remove them from the copied list you make. If you compare the contact totals on the copied list before and after your remove the other list, you can see how many contacts are on both lists.

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