I was under the impression, I was getting a credit on my paid account and then continuing with my paid account. Since, I did just go over the 30 refund policy and did not use my service. I had originally signed in with : **Removed By Moderator** with Dallas, then someone spoke with me yesterday and now it is very confusing. It looks like I am on a trial and paid for a service I wasn't able to utilize. Blair


Hi @BlairM209

I took a look into this and see that you actually have two accounts with us. One is a paid account with under 5 contacts in it and the other is a free trial account with one contact uploaded. I dont see that either of these accounts were accessed on 5/28 during your call so I am wondering if there is a third account. Can you give our billing team a call to straighten this out? Since this is a public forum we can't give much information here so the billing team would be best to help you figure this out.



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