Compose Inteface Question


Compose Inteface Question

I'm a long-time happy Constant Contact user.  Recently had my wife's organization start using Constant Contact.  However, I note for her account the compose interface is different than my compose interface.  No big deal and I'm not sure that hers is better or worse than mine old tried-and-true interface.   Makes training her a bit harder since I have to figure out her new interface to train her.  But it prompts two questions. 

  • Why are they different?
  • Can a user change their compose interface (e.g. could she somehow make her account's interface same as mine or vice versa?)
  • I have noted one interface difference.  When creating an email hot-link on my old interface there is an  "Option" allowing you to set the subject of the email.  A very neat feature!   But her interface  only provides for setting the mailto:addresss.  There is no "option" button.

Any help/explanation/advice welcome.


Hello @Denver_Clipped_Wings,


Thank you for reaching out to the community!


Due to the fact that we have upgraded our editing platform (the new version is in your wife's account), you will see a difference in experience. We are moving forward with this new editor on all accounts and you should be upgraded already. When creating a campaign you will need to click on Create>Email to start using the new editing experience in the older account. No existing templates will be able to use this editor. If the change has not happened for some reason we will be happy to complete the conversion for you. Simply email us at social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com from the contact email address of the account that you would like to have this done on.  We will be happy to make this change once you have made your request.


I highly recommend continuing with the new editing experience that we call the Third Generation Editor. Here is a helpful article to get you started.


I hope that this helps! Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you.

-Curtis P
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