Connect your Constant Contact account with Nift - Who pays for this gift card?

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Who pays for the $30.00 gift card? Constant Contact? Nift? The owner of the business?


Where can the Nift gift card be used?

How long do they have to use it, expiration? 


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Hello @LisaMarieS36 ,


The gift cards are covered by the business that's partnered with Nift, for whom the GC is for. You won't be charged at all for gift card itself. 


Based on the criteria you enter for your own business/organization, the gift cards generated will be for non-competing businesses - 4-5 star rated online stores as well as traditional brick-and-mortars. These gift cards will be for businesses partnered with Nift.


The expiration for a gift is 30 days. A two-week extension is also offered by Nift.


I'd also recommend checking out Nift's FAQ for additional information and insight regarding how they work.

William A
Community & Social Media Support