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We have multiple Shopify store fronts (different countries / currencies). If we connect and import contacts from each store, add those contacts to new lists, will all contacts remain? or will they be overwritten each time, even if they're moved to a new list (not the pre-made Shopify segmented lists) 


Also I wish the reporting error warning for analytics was more obvious - or came as a prompt as you disconnect integration from Shopify. By switching between our stores, our click through analytics are now inaccurate, which is super frustrating 

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Hello @ShannonM165 ,


Ultimately, having multiple different Shopify store accounts isn't going to sync very well with having a single Constant Contact account. Since the API permissions only allow for a 1:1 connection between accounts, you'll want to only have one connected. Constantly disconnecting and reconnecting different accounts will result in errors for store items showing in the email builder, issues with abandoned cart emails, issues with contact syncing, and other systems that utilize the connection.


If you decide to go through with regularly switching between accounts, you'll need to rename or merge a synced list prior to switching between the Shopify accounts. Otherwise the next Shopify account added will sync over the original "Shopify- " lists. Once the lists have been renamed, they won't be targeted by the integration when you connect a different account, and new "Shopify- " lists will be generated. When you connect the next Shopify account, allow the integration time to sync the lists into your Contacts. This entire process will need to be done each time you disconnect and connect Shopify accounts, otherwise the integration will always overwrite the previous contact data and list memberships.

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