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Constant Contact Sending IPs are blacklisted

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Constant Contact Sending IPs are blacklisted


We are using Constant Contact since quite some time, may be 9 to 10 years now.

Off late, we have been noticing increased complaints from our users that they are not receiving our newsletters.

We were asking our users to whitelist the Sending IP's in order to resolve the issue.

However, out of curiosity, I randomly checked few IP's on mxtoolbox and find that all those I checked are blacklisted.

It seems to be that all of the sending IP range is blacklisted on at least 3, in few case more than 5.

Hence the reason why our valid email addresses are also not receiving our newsletter.

Should Constant Contact continuously work on keeping the IP range clean.

Kindly advise how to resolve this issue.

We cannot ask 6000 companies to whitelist IP range.





HI @MEsteel.


I apologize you're experiencing this with the deliverability of your emails! Having your contacts whitelist Constant Contact in their email settings and security program is always a step we suggest. However if you are experiencing this with multiple contacts that have different domains I suggest reaching out to our team of Deliverability Specialists. These support agents can help look further into these contacts or any email campaigns that aren't being received. 

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We're having this same issue. As of late August many of our members who had been receiving and opening our emails suddenly stopped receving them. I'm wondering how many CC customers are experiencing the same thing and maybe haven't even noticed it. 

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Hi JeanetteS,


Thank you for posting your problem.


I am hoping Constant Contact will try to look into the gravity of the situation and work on it to resolve.


We are experiencing this since quite some time now, but it is now that we are receiving many complaints from our members on not receiving our newsletter.



Hello @MEsteel.,


I apologize for the delay in getting you a response. I absolutely understand how imperative it is to make sure your contacts are receiving your mailings. I have spoken with a member of our Account Review/Deliverability team and they want to take a deeper dive into this issue. I have submitted a case to that team for them to review and they will follow-up with you to discuss this further. I know you said you have spoken with someone from the department in the past, but please rest assured we are going to look into it further for you. This is a nuanced issue, and we’ll do our best. If you want more real-time assistance then I encourage you to give them a call at your earliest convenience. They can be reached at the numbers and hours listed here.

Nick S.
Social Media & Content Manager

You're not alone on your email marketing journey. Connect with a Marketing Advisor to see how they can help you develop the right strategy for your business and get the most out of your Constant Contact experience.
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Hi Frankie,


Thank you for your reply.

I already contacted the delivery team after posting this on community.

The blunt answer that I get it get your clients whitelisted the IP's. Where else do I go?

If it are 1 or 2 or 10, it makes sense to ask them to white list, but not when it runs into hundreds or thousands.


Moreover, these are your IP's and it is imperative that you maintain good health for your IPs and not ask your members to get their clients whitelist. After all it is a paid service, isn't it? Why should our clients suffer in between?


Most of the clients in our area do not have an IT team to handle mail server and have least knowledge of how to go around with the request for whitelisting.


A client in Lebanon is not receiving even after whitelisting, and our newsletters are still bouncing back. Not sure why?


The problem as I understand is, if an IP is blacklisted and an email is sent from such an IP, apparently, the receiving mail server rejects such email, which comes as a bounce back and categorized as undelivered in constant contact (CC), after few attempts, CC puts such emails under non-existent and never sends to such lists again and recommends for deletion, but the fact is, emails are bouncing back because of bad IP reputation of Constant Contact's.


How do we resolve the issue?

Pls. advise.



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Was this ever fixed. All our emails are going into the promotions tab and many of our recipients are not computer savvy.