Constant Contact has been unsubscribing people without their consent

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Constant Contact has been unsubscribing people without their consent

I've had a number of people unsubscribed by CC without their knowledge or consent.  The latest one was sent a "resubscribe" invitation, but never received it.  Now it only says "awaiting confirmation" next to her name and I can't re-send the resubscribe invitation.  She is very upset.  If she had another email address I'd simply have her use that , but she doesn't.


Hello @MichaelL5878 ,


The system wouldn't be able to just randomly unsubscribe a contact. You may want to check with them to confirm they haven't forwarded an email you sent them to someone else, and that one of those forwardees didn't click the actual contact's coded unsubscribe link. It'd also be worth checking with the contact to make sure their email settings or security isn't set to auto-unsub them based on certain parameters.


If it doesn't appear that the contact fits into either of those situations, then please call our general support line so they can securely get the contact's info from you and troubleshoot further.

William D
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This happens to me frequently. Constant Contact sends a "weekly subscriber notice" email every week. I see people on there that I know wouldn't have knowingly unsubscribed. When I contact them, they tell me they didn't unsubscribe and don't know how that could happen. I would love, love, love to know how people are getting unsubscribed without their knowledge. I know that they aren't all forwarding these emails to other people who are then unsubscribing.