Constant contact can't send responsive e-mails to gmail?! What?


Constant contact can't send responsive e-mails to gmail?! What?

I just create a beautiful new responsive e-mail design using the new (G3) e-mail tools. (The drag and drop interface.)


The mobile preview looks great on the site, but when I send it to anyone who uses gmail for their mobile e-mail, it is not responsive and looks TINY and unreadable.


I called and was told that Constant Contact is INCAPABLE of sending responsive e-mails to gmail on mobile.  This is by far the most popular way e-mail is read and Constant Contact can't do it.


You had ONE JOB Constant Contact, what gives?


I seriously wasted an entire day creating this and will now probably have to switch to .  I simply can't send out e-mail that are unreadable on mobile devices.  That's ridiculous for a mail service not to support that in 2016.

Does anyone have any ideas?  Was the rep who told me this just an idiot, or can they really not do this.  I can't get them to be responsive sending to my own gmail account.

Sooo incredibly frustrated with CC right now...


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In my experience it doesn't present the responsive style in Gmail and reverts to the standard version. It always looks like crap on yahoo and most of the time looks OK in outlook.

These guys don't have the responsive coding down at all. Don't expect great results from their so called responsive claims.

And the thing they call a mobile preview is a joke.

Hello @Maury,

I sincerely apologize for the frustration you are dealing with right now. The rep you spoke with is correct that Constant Contact templates do not convert to a mobile view in the Gmail app; however, this issue is not isolated to just Constant Contact, but all e-mail marketing services. The feature is dictated by Google and currently they do not support what are called media queries that make it possible for templates to display in mobile view.

I encourage you to let Google know you want templates to be mobile responsive in Gmail.



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That's not true at all. I signed up for a free account at  and they had no problem sending a responsive email to my Gmail account. The problem is most definitely with Constant Contact.

 can also code a responsive email that works in Gmail.