Constant problems w/losing Contact


Constant problems w/losing Contact

Chronically getting error message:

You've encountered and error! Sorry about that.

Advice to change browser never changes anything. There's a glitch in this program that many people have encountered and hasn't been fixed for years. Time to move on to.


Hello @OdetteB8 ,


Where are you seeing this issue occur in the site? Is it in the email editor or elsewhere, and could you please provide screencaps of the error window? How often does the issue occur? If we know the exact location it's occurring for you, we might be able to pinpoint what is causing it, especially if we're unable to recreate the issue at all on our work or home devices.


Additionally, beyond checking in other browsers, have you looked into any other connectivity troubleshooting? Some security programs, VPNs, pop-up / ad blockers, and advanced network securities can block elements of our site if our domains aren't safelisted yet.

William D
Community & Social Media Support

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