Constantly Changing the Format

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Constantly Changing the Format

Why is the format changed every time I open the application? Does some one need job security? You are making your program unusable by changing things all of the time. Most of us have a JOB that involves many other tasks. To relearn your 'improved system' all of the time is so frustrating, I wish I could find another company, truly.


Hello @LydiaC8 ,


Can you please describe what formatting you're referring to? Our UI hasn't really had any significant changes beyond the essential rebranding elements (coloring, font, etc.).


When you say "relearn," are you referring to making the switch from the retiring legacy editor to the current, mobile-compatible editor that was released in 2017? If so, can you please describe what elements you're having issues with so we can troubleshoot those?

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Especially when they make changes to the "custom code editor" that makes it change the design/format of templates! It's just freaking crazy, and they could care less, Lydia