Contact List Report

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I ran a report of all my email compaigns in the last year, but the report doesn't show the distribution list each campaign went to. Is there a way (other than clicking into each campaign) to run a report that includes the distribution list?

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Hi @KevinS9 ,


At this time the list name(s) aren't included in the overall email export. There isn't a report that includes them, but we do have some requests to have this, so we can note internally that you are also looking for this.


Depending on what you are looking to use the list name for, you could compare multiple campaigns directly on the Reporting page (perhaps using the # of contacts sent to as an indicator of the list(s) selected). If you are looking to compare the engagement statistics, you may also be able to use the contacts segments feature to get most/least engaged contacts. You can view the contacts in the segment, export them, or even schedule an email to these contacts. Hopefully one of these could help add some additional insight.