Contact Lists After Cancelling Account

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I cancelled my account on 01/28/22 and did not export my contact lists prior to the closing of the account. I attempted to log into my account today but am unable to access anything other than purchasing options. Since it is within the 120 day period, can I still be given the various contact lists we have on the account?


Thank you.

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Hello @CASDOnline ,


I exported all of your subscribed and unsubscribed contacts as two separate CSV files with all the associated contact info included. You should be receiving an email to your account's main address, with the files attached. If you need a specific list exported, please reply directly to that email with the name of the list(s) needed. If you need the contact lists sent to an address other than the main account email, then we ask that you call our general support so they can confirm security permissions live, and re-send the email to the other address.

William A
Community & Social Media Support