Contact Report Emails

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It looks like I'm not receiving all the contact update emails with new subscribers and unsubscribes. They are not being sent to spam, they just seem to not be generated. I sent an email on Monday that says 22 people unsubscribed but the email I got this morning only shows 2 unsubscribed.
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Hello @MaureenP7 ,


If you have the notification emails set for daily, your email program may be delaying or simply not delivering the notification emails due to the frequency, especially if they've been previously deleted without opening, or if the sending address isn't safelisted in your email program. Since you sent the email Monday, the daily notification sent today may not contain those that unsubbed after the notification was formed and sent out. The only suggestion I'd have is to make sure the address that's used to send those automated subscribed updates is safelisted. You could also potentially make a rule in your email program to have emails of that nature or with that subject line automatically sorted into a particular folder, rather than just your normal inbox. 

William A
Community & Social Media Support