Contact Us Page for my Web Site


Contact Us Page for my Web Site

Most web sites have a "Contact Us" page where users can enter some basic information like Name, Phone Number and Email address and a comment or a question.


Here is an example of what I'm talking about from the Constant Contact site:


I want to create one of these for my Web Site with very basic information (not your standard "sign up for my email list") and have it generate an email to my email address.  Is there any way to do this with Constant Contact?






Hi @JudiP85,


Thank you for coming to the Community, that is a great question! Now our product doesn't necessarily have the functionality that you are looking for to do this, but there is a way that we can make it work using our sign up form tool. You can create a sign up form and instead of it saying: "Sign up to stay in touch", you can have it say something along the lines of "Contact Us". The only thing is, that it will add these people to an email list where they can get an automatic email sent to them, but it will not re-direct them to your email address. But, you can always get updates as to when you get new inqueries, and that will send an email to you. Then yuou can go on Constant Contact and take a look at the email addresses that were added to the list, and reach back out to them accordingly.


You could get in contact with your web developer and see if they can create a "Contact Us" page, where they can create something similar to what you are looking for that will directly link to your info@ email address. 

Hayley L
Community & Social Media Support

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