Contact not receiving e-mails although everything is in the system


Contact not receiving e-mails although everything is in the system



I have a contact who is not receiving e-mails although all their information is in. It says that the system is "awaiting confirmation." Yet, my contact is still not getting the e-mail to confirm their account. The address is correct and I have deleted the account a few different times to see if maybe it was just a random issue. I actually had the contact come into the office and we worked on the account together. Still nothing. They don't have constant contact blocked and it is in their contact list. Any ideas?  


Hello @FirstPresAH,


Thank you for contacting the Community. In the case that a contact has a permission status of "Awaiting Confirmation" they will need to confirm their subscription by filling out a sign-up form. You can find the link to your sign up form by visiting the "Sign-Up Forms" page and clicking on "Landing Pages and More." Then you will need to click on the actions drop down menu next to the sign-up form. Choose the option  "Form URL" and you will find the full URL which you can send to your contact.


After clicking the link, please make sure your contact completes the most important step: click the "Update Profile" link in the confirmation email that will be automatically sent to them. You will now be able to send communications to this contact through Constant Contact.


-Curtis P
Community & Social Media Support

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