Contact page rarely comes up...

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Contact page rarely comes up...

When I attempt to go to the contact page for the last month I get a very faint "something went wrong" banner and a spinning wheel. It takes a long time to finally reach the page. What's going on with your site? Thank you for any help.
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Hello @VictorG189, we apologize for any issues you have experienced when trying to access your contacts page through our site.


There are a few things that can come into play from pages from not loading. One of the things you may want to check is your internet connection. Try searching the web and running a speed test to check if your internet's upload and download speeds are good. If you do not have at least 2 mbps, please try to find a stronger connection. If you are on Wi-Fi network try connecting through a wired in connection for a stronger signal.


If the connection is not the issue, you may need to do some browser cleaning. Cleaning out your history and cache and sometimes cookies will help to make the browser work better. This is always a good idea to do periodically if you do not do that.


If the cleaning of the cache and history does not help, try going into incognito mode and then connect to see if you are able to access the pages you want. If you do have luck in the private window that would indicate you would need to clean up your cookies.


These are some great tools to get started with your troubleshooting. If you need more assistance and none of these tips help, feel free to reach back out so we can help to find some additional troubleshooting steps. Thank you.