Contacts won't show up

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Contacts won't show up

Any time I click on "contacts" the notification "we're sorry but something went wrong...we've been notified about the issue and will be looking into it shortly" I currently use Google Chrome. When this first happened, I switched to Internet Explorer, which worked for a while, but then that wasn't working too (same msg showing). I even downloaded Mozilla Firefox and the same message came up. This is extremely frustrating as I work in marketing and I need to view the contacts to add, edit, delete, etc. Help???

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Re: Contacts won't show up

Hi @DaveB65354


I'm sorry about the error message you're receiving and any frustration it causes, but thank you for reaching out to us so we can try to help you with this issue. I went into your account to try and recreate the loading issue/error message but I wasn't able to. Does it occur if you use any of your browsers in incognito/safe mode? Do you have a computer that's on a different network that you could try as well? This FAQ offers a few other troubleshooting suggestions. Please let us know if any of those work for you or if you continue to run into this error message. Thanks! 

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